Английский язык. VII
класс. Учебник для школ с углубленным изучением англ. яз.  Афанасьева
О.В., Михеева И.В.

13-е изд. — М.: 2012. —
352 с.

Английский язык 7 класс. Учебник для
общеобразовательных учреждений и школ с углубленным изучением английского языка.
Рекомендовано Министерством образования и науки Российской Федерации.

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UNIT 1 Russia, My
Revision 3
Reading for Information: Swan Lake 10
Reading for Discussion: A Page from a Diary …. 11
Speaking 13
Writing 19
Miscellaneous 21
UNIT 2 English — a Language of the World
Revision: The simple tenses. Tag questions. The continuous tenses 24
Complex object. Phrasal verbs: to look, to take, to give, to make 33
Reading for Information: An English-speaking World 35
New Language. Grammar: The noun. Classification. 37
Plural forms. The article. (General rules) … 38
Social English: to use at your lessons 41
Phrasal verbs: to get 42
Constructions: to be + Adj/to get + Adj … 48
Reading for Discussion: Are You Happy with the Way
You Are Taught English? 49
Speaking 52
Writing 57
Miscellaneous 59
UNIT 3 Me and My World
Revision: The present perfect tense. The past perfect tense. Indirect
speech. Word building 62
Reading for Information: Great Britain: a Country of Traditions 68
New Language. Grammar: The future perfect tense.
The definite article. Articles with the nouns school, college, hospital, bed 72
Social English: to express one’s opinion, agreement, disagreement 78
Phrasal verbs: to turn 79
Reading for Discussion: Danny’s Story 87
Speaking 91
Writing 98
Miscellaneous 100
UNIT4 It Takes Many Kinds to Make the World
Revision: Object description. Adjectives. Degrees of Comparison. The present
perfect continuous tense … 102
Reading for Information: A. A. Milne 113
New Language. Grammar: The past perfect continuous tense. Late, old, far, near
and their degrees of comparison 117
Social English: How to answer questions … 124
Phrasal verbs: to rush 125
Reading for Discussion: Tigger Comes to the Forest and Has Breakfast 132
Speaking 137
Writing 142
Miscellaneous 144
UNIT 5 Christmas
Revision 149
Reading for Information: Before Christmas Day … 150
Reading for Discussion: Christmas Day King John’s Christmas 152
Speaking 156
Miscellaneous —
UNIT 6 The Pleasure of Reading
Revision: Narration devices. Definite and indefinite article. Tenses and
forms to describe future 158
Reading for Information: The Printed Word 171
New Language. Grammar: Future perfect continuous. Collective nouns. Countable
and uncountable nouns. Article with the names of meals. Object clauses 174
Social English: How to react to people’s words 182
Phrasal verbs: to run 183
Reading for Discussion: The Reader of Books 193
Speaking 197
Writing 202
Miscellaneous 205
UNIT 7 Popular Arts
Revision: Indefinite forms of the passive voice. Modal verbs with passive
constructions 210
Reading for Information: Theatre and Cinema: How It All Began 216
New Language. Grammar: Continuous and perfect forms of the passive voice.
Passive voice with verbs that have two objects. Verbs with prepositions in the
passive voice. Articles with the names of seasons, parts of the day 219
Social English: How to give proper replies . . . 230
Phrasal verbs: to set 231
Reading for Discussion: The Story of Merrymind 238
Speaking 242
Writing 249
Miscellaneous 251
UNIT 8 Sport in Our Life
Revision: Clauses of time and condition. Word combinations with make and do
Reading for Information: History of the Olympic Games 263
New Language. Grammar: Subjunctive Mood 266
Social English: Formal and informal English . 272
Phrasal verbs: to do 273
Reading for Discussion: The Great Shooting Day … 279
Speaking 283
Writing 293
Miscellaneous 296
UNIT 9 Exploring the World
Speaking 299
Grammar Revision 302
Vocabulary Revision 308
Reading for Discussion: Come Away, Come Away! . .310
Writing 315
Miscellaneous 317
Reference Grammar 319
English-Russian Vocabulary 340
Topical Vocabulary 345

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